I Call It Love - Becky Denton (previously known as Becky Blackaby)

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Becky Denton (previously known as Becky Blackaby)

I Call It Love

from the CD Single.

It’s difficult to believe that a voice so huge can come from such a petite frame. It’s the sound of a true seasoned performer, one whose goal is to connect with each and every listener.

Born and raised in Paris, Missouri, a young Becky actually sang before she spoke her first words. Her childhood was filled with singing, and she had a natural feel for showmanship right from the start.

In the last two years, Becky has made her presence known in Nashville, writing and producing new music with a bevy of talented musicians and songwriters. Recently, she had the honour of hearing one of her songs played worldwide on Country Music’s most beloved radio station, 650 AM WSM.

Newly married Becky is excited to be releasing her second Australian single!

** Becky’s previous single, ‘I LOVE DOLLY’, was recorded and released under the name of Becky Blackaby. Becky is now performing under her married name of BECKY DENTON