Fire Gazer  - Tony Smith

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Tony Smith

Fire Gazer

from the Stir The Embers (Release Pending) album.

After a long hiatus , almost 20 years between drinks, TONY SMITH is almost ready to release his second album. A combination of life getting in the way and building a foundation for his family has led to a great catalogue of songs that will appeal to a broad range of listeners.

FIRE GAZER is a song about reaching for your dreams, staring into the flames of a campfire and dreaming of how things could be, while, on the other hand, procrastinating ,which is the killer of all dreams.

The first release off the forthcoming album, STIR THE EMBERS, FIRE GAZER is a great precursor to whet the appetite of listeners who have been missing the good Australian folk feel and country ballad so often lost in the wake of our American music friends