I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Steve Deal

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Steve Deal

I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

from the Four Rivers album.

The last few months have been a wild ride for this Sydney bus driver who released his debut album, FOUR RIVERS, to see it debut at #1 on the Australian iTunes country charts. He found himself featured in the Daily Telegraph, on Alan Jones, Triple M and the Today Show with Karl and Lisa all curious as to how you go from driving the L85 into Sydney every morning to the #1 spot.

After 14 years of working as a professional musician in America, Steve moved home and drove buses signalling to him the end of the music dream but the love of making music kicked in. Steve called mates who have worked with John Mayer, James Brown, Shawn Mullens, Lenny Kravitz etc and called in all favours to create a stunning debut album.

I CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU, the 2nd single release off the album, is bound to receive a great reception from both presenters and their listeners.