Growing Dust - Pete O’Brien

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Pete O’Brien

Growing Dust

from the L I F E album.

GROWING DUST, two years in the making and the first release from the new album, LIFE, brings awareness of the heartbreak our farmers are now experiencing with the worst drought in history. For those of us living on the Coast we take for granted that our food will always be there.

LIFE is the second album release from country rock singer/songwriter, PETE O’BRIEN. Drawing influence from loved ones and the people he meets on the road, Pete has written a collection of songs that could be for anyone, they are about life, anyone’s life. “The stories in these songs are not all about me”, “they could be about you, your friend or maybe that old guy that lives at the end of your street that no one visits anymore”.

Pete was nominated for the Nashville Universe Awards in 2015.