100 Droving Days - Justin Standley

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Justin Standley

100 Droving Days

from the Hold On To Love (Release Pending) album.

Produced by Golden Guitar winning producer, MATT FELL (producer for country royalty like SARA STORER, JOHN WILLIAMSON, GRAEME CONNORS…), 100 DROVING DAYS follows hot on the heels of 3 top 10 singles (including the no.1 hit songs, HARD EASY and MAN GONE MISSING) for original and prolific Australian country singer-songwriter, JUSTIN STANDLEY.

100 DROVING DAYS is a fresh interpretation on the Australian bush ballad genre and features on JUSTIN’s highly anticipated 2nd album HOLD ON TO LOVE (due out March 2016). It clearly demonstrates JUSTIN’s impressive ability to craft songs that are distinctly Australian, original, diverse and, most importantly, instantly engaging and memorable.

“It feels wonderful to be appreciated for my talents,” explains JUSTIN, “rather than just remembered as the gay cowboy from the X Factor who found his daughters.”