The Tears - Doug Bruce

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Doug Bruce

The Tears

from the Unsung album.

THE TEARS is the catchy first release from Doug’s new album, UNSUNG, - a tribute to the songs of BUDDY BRUCE’, for release at Tamworth in 2016. A very personal project, this album contains a set of songs chosen from the extensive song-writing catalogue of BUDDY BRUCE, Doug ‘s much loved and inspirational uncle, who was sadly taken too soon of brain cancer in his early 60’s. Whilst Buddy had a few of his songs cut by the likes of MINNIE PEARL, RED SOVINE and THE WILLIS BROTHERS, during his stint with STARDAY RECORDS, many others did not see the light of a professional recording studio, and lay dormant in the fading tapings held by his family.
Doug, and his specially-chosen pickers on this album, (STUIE FRENCH, MICHEL ROSE, RUSTY COCHRANE, VAUGHAN JONES, JACOB McGUFFIE, JENEE FLENOR) have brought these songs to life, carefully honouring the intentions of the songwriter, whilst also adding an interpretation of the songs that reflects Doug’s own style.

Buddy had an intense sense of humour and many of his songs reflect this in their quirkiness. THE TEARS is one of many that capture Buddy’s spirit, as well as the authentic country sound that Doug grew up on, and will resonate perfectly for people yearning for some true honky tonk on their radio!