Where The Eagle Flies Above The Rocks - Dale Duncan

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Dale Duncan

Where The Eagle Flies Above The Rocks

from the Back To The Bush album.

THE OLD CAMP OVEN, the first single released from Dale’s brilliant new Traditional & Bush Ballad Australian Country Music album BACK TO THE BUSH, has met with huge success in rising to #6 on the National Country Tracks Top 40 Chart. He now brings to your listeners the second single, WHERE THE EAGLE FLIES ABOVE THE ROCKS, which is written by Australian singer/songwriter, Nathan Charlton.

WHERE THE EAGLE FLIES ABOVE THE ROCKS paints a beautiful picture of the men and women on the land, going about their work and then marvelling at the sight of one of Australia’s most majestic birds, the Wedged Tailed Eagle, in the early morning as it soars high above the surrounding countryside taking in the picturesque sights below, be it the sun burnt plains or the giant rocks that rise from the rugged terrain.This is a very descriptive song, with evocative lyrics and melody clearly illustrating the beauty of the soaring eagle above, with the story being told by Dale, set to a ‘foot-tapping’ tempo which puts the listener right there in the picture.

WHERE THE EAGLE FLIES ABOVE THE ROCKS is the ideal follow-up single to THE OLD CAMP OVEN as it demonstrates the variety of Traditional Australian and Bush Ballads contained within this breakthrough award winning new album BACK TO THE BUSH.

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