Born To Be Free - Shaza Leigh

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Shaza Leigh

Born To Be Free

from the Australia’s First Lady Of Song album.

Shaza is a quiet achiever and one of our nation’s shining lights. Shaza exudes passion in all her work and Australia's First Lady of Song has grown to be a master of pen and performance. Clearly musically gifted, Shaza possesses the rare ability to transcend musical genres, preferring to present each song with the style, influence and integrity it deserves. Born To Be Free could easily be categorised as contemporary country, Australiana or even southern rock and interestingly, has an underlying spiritual message wrapped in Australian heritage and culture. The power of Shaza Leigh immediately dominates this timely and topical hit. Created by award-winning lyrical team Leigh/Wye, to another of Shaza's catchy melodies, it was proudly produced in Australia's Capital of Country Music, by the legendary partnership of Shaza with husband, Lindsay Butler OAM.