Whirlwind - Merilyn Steele

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Merilyn Steele


from the Bring It Back album.

One of the final songs off the nostalgic album BRING IT BACK, ‘Whirlwind’ is a fun poke at the pace we live our lives today compared to how we may have done back then. How did things get so crazy?

A rousing, foot stomping song that instantly won the interest and offer of an American publisher. The song verges on bluegrass with the inclusion of a cigar box guitar, a dobro and a mandolin as instrumentation.

Recorded and engineered by MATT FELL and MICHAEL CARPENTER in Sydney the album is Merilyn’s finest work yet, having penned and co-penned all songs on the CD save one.

The album is a complete physical retro package; mini black mock ‘vinyl’ CD; mini record cover and theme to match so don’t cheat yourself by downloading just an mp3!

Well worth the wait.