The Outback - John J Callaghan

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John J Callaghan

The Outback

from the This Day Would Come album.

JOHN CALLAGHAN is a very proud and parochial Aussie singer/songwriter who grew up in the rugged WA mining town of Kalgoorlie/Boulder, but now resides in South Australia. John describes himself as a singing storyteller who likes to draw the listener into the visualisation of the songs he sings. John’s songs are about people he’s met, places he’s been and those who make this country great. The Outback, the first single from the album This Day Would Come, is one of those songs. It’s about an old man John met many years ago at a pub north of Menzies in WA. His name was “Sandfly Sid” and he had lived in the area most of his life. “His pearls of wisdom were the makings of a great song”, John said. This Day Would Come was recorded at Redbrick in SA with ANTHONY STUART and includes talented Aussie musicians VAUGHAN JONES, HAMISH DAVIDSON, TRENT WILLIAMSON, DALE MOORE and BRAD BERGEN. John has won many Awards over the years for his vocal and songwriting ability and, in his younger days, played as a support act to JOHNNY CASH, DON WILLIAMS and many others.