Lovin' Is The Easy Part - Amber Joy Poulton

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Amber Joy Poulton

Lovin' Is The Easy Part

from the Taking Goodbye album.

Lovin' Is The Easy Part is the final track to be released off AMBER JOY POULTON’s very successful debut album Taking Goodbye. This beautiful song shows how relationships take work and dedication to keep them alive. As Amber Joy says, "It's true, to love someone is the easy part, it's the every day affirmations that get lost along the way". Accompanying this song is another film clip from Amber Joy with Adelaide film company Mackbel Films, to be seen on CMC and via her website. As this song goes to air, Amber Joy will be recording her follow-up album in Nashville with the new album entitled Foolish Things set to be released in March or April this year. It will be full of original Australian music with some very special co-writers and collaborators! "I have been writing for the past two years and am so excited to finally be able to record those songs and see them come to life with some of the best musicians in the world". You can follow Amber Joy’s journey on her website.