Ain’t No Friend Of Mine - Lucy Pace

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Lucy Pace

Ain’t No Friend Of Mine

from the CD Single.

LUCY PACE is a country singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia who has a passion for all types of music. She has always been in a musical environment having her father as a role model in playing live music and this has helped her with industry contacts and experience.

Lucy’s latest single, ‘AIN’T NO FRIEND OF MINE’ was released on October 5th 2018 on iTUNES.

“This song came to me one day whilst I was thinking about my past experiences. I had come to the realization that some friends aren’t as loyal and trustworthy as they appear to be. I hope this song can relate to many that have shared the same pain and agony that I’ve had with friendships, and I just want you all to know you’re not alone”.

Like most musicians, Lucy knows the music industry is no easy feat and whilst never thinking she would be able to cover expensive costs whilst working a daytime job, she is now fulfilling her destiny recording and playing music around Australia!

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