One True Love - Chris Callaghan

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Chris Callaghan

One True Love

from the Songs Of A Modern Day Troubadour album.

CHRIS CALLAGHAN is a singer, songwriter and entertainer, with an extensive and successful history in the Australian country music scene. He has performed to a wide range of audiences, both nationally and internationally, delivering musical versatility with an easy listening voice and a down to earth sense of humour.

“The inspiration for ONE TRUE LOVE, came to me in a caravan park in Alpha Queensland when I had to face the reality that I may have to take another job to help cover the travel costs of being a touring country singer. Just the thought of having to do that made me feel that I was being unfaithful to the music. Also, my passion for music had on occasions been viewed as “the other woman” in my previous relationships. It made me realise that music requires serious commitment and dedication, as does a relationship between two people, and so it continues to carry me through to this day what is, has been, an amazing journey.”