Gypsy Girl - Brendan Smoother

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Brendan Smoother

Gypsy Girl

from the In The Meantime album.

BRENDAN SMOOTHER has made a mark for himself over the past few years as a storytelling songwriter with styles including Australiana, Bush Ballad and Alt-Country releases. Also right at home in penning bluesy country rock, GYPSY GIRL is BRENDAN SMOOTHER’S first single since the release of his highly anticipated debut album, IN THE MEANTIME.

A story of “Imaginary Infidelity” at a local “Faithful Cafe”. It’s a driving song with punch from the rhythm section and ear catching hooks from the B-bender Telecaster all under the masterful production of MICHAEL CARPENTER at Love Hz Studio Sydney. Already picked out from the album by many broadcasters as a standout track.


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