Hard Year On The Land - Sandra Pearn and Wayne Elliott

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Sandra Pearn and Wayne Elliott

Hard Year On The Land

from the CD Single.

SANDRA PEARN and WAYNE ELLIOTT are two Artists from a popular band in Tasmania called LIVE IT UP. Wayne is formerly from Butti (NSW). Sandra has lived in Tasmania all her life. Both have been successful in the Music Industry with many awards to their credit in Song writing Competitions throughout the country.

To complete the song, Sandra and Wayne teamed up with JOHN and ANNE DOHERTY, renowned throughout Australia for their song writing skills and whose awards include Australia & New Zealand Song Writers Award (2003), Australia & New Zealand Broadcasters Award (2008), to name a few.

HARD YEAR ON THE LAND is a song about the struggle that Australian Farmers are facing daily, dealing with the elements and the effects of Climate Change. The song came about when Wayne’s partner Christine distressingly watched the rising flood waters of the Tasmanian 2016 floods on the riverbank in front of their home as the cattle were being washed out to sea.

Sandra was encouraged throughout her life by her father, who himself was involved in old time Dance Music for many years and released a CD at the remarkable age of 79.

Wayne is a Talented Guitarist and also plays Bass and Mandolin. He has backed some top artists and still performs at the Tamworth Festival each year. Wayne was a finalist in the Tiara awards in 2000. Wayne’s dedication and experience in music is shown in the finished product of this song.

Sandra and Wayne have now combined their music and hope to produce their first duet CD soon.