You & Me - Ross Webb

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Ross Webb

You & Me

from the Out On The Road album.

“Hailing from the Southern Highlands in NSW, I only got into singing and performing around 5 years ago. What a ride it has been since then. Being an avid Country Music fan and influenced by Artists such as Zac Brown, Chris Stapleton, away we went with my wife and good mate. Performing around the highlands, and Southern NSW, along with juggling my day job as a banker.

The song, YOU & ME was born basically from trips that my wife and I take to visit various music festivals in Australia. Wanting to see this great Country, our mode of travel has always been by road so you get to see and experience the people in all the great little towns that we have. Our kids have never really been interested in tagging along but as usual they would be there waiting for us when we got back, usually complaining that there is no food in the house. So it is all about our road trips and the fun we have had along the way.

Hopefully this is just the start of a journey into the music landscape and look forward to where the ride takes us.”- Ross Webb