“Hold’er, Hold’er, Hold’er!” - Greg Williams & Ron Buckpitt (Feat. Spruiking by Ron Buckpitt)

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Greg Williams & Ron Buckpitt (Feat. Spruiking by Ron Buckpitt)

“Hold’er, Hold’er, Hold’er!”

from the CD Single.

“HOLD’ER, HOLD’ER, HOLD’ER!” is the new single for GREG WILLIAMS, featuring “spruiking” from RON BUCKPITT. Co-written by RON BUCKPITT and GREG WILLIAMS, this toe-tapper is a happy celebration of early to mid-20th Century Australian travelling country shows. The focus is strongly on the very popular Roy Bell’s Boxing Troupe’s tent show but embracing the whole cacophony and variety of these annual local events, mentioning other tent show entertainment. As well as singing & co-writing the song, GREG WILLIAMS also produced this recording at Tamworth Recording Suite. He captures the noisy, exciting show atmosphere right from the start, with bass drum and bells that typified the boxing troupe’s character, including crowd noise and musical background to bring the listener back to the wonderful chaotic country show’s atmosphere.

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