Honky Tonk Heroes  - Brendan Dugan

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Brendan Dugan

Honky Tonk Heroes

from the CD Single.

“Some voices have that intangible quality that makes them instantly recognisable. The velvety rich baritone of BRENDAN DUGAN is one such voice. Most singers can't even think to the low notes he can reach, although his familiar tone evolved a few years after his television debut. Fresh-faced BRENDAN DUGAN won ‘Studio One - New Faces’ as a 16-year-old in 1968 and became a star overnight in New Zealand.” (Audio Culture) However, it was other TV programmes Like TVNZ’s ‘Country Touch’, that was hosted by Tex Morton, and ‘That’s Country’, which debuted in 1980, that made BRENDAN DUGAN a household name in New Zealand. The early 1980s saw the first of many trips to the United States for the International Country & Western Music Association Awards in Fort Worth, Texas, with Kiwi Country Artists, including one that Australians will be familiar with, Patsy Riggir. Later trips brought appearances on TV shows such as ‘Nashville Now’ and ‘The Barbara Mandrell Show’, engagements at all manner of honky tonks, and a performance on the ‘Grand Ole Opry’ in Nashville. In 1992, Dugan released his first solo album since 1985. One of the songs was by Brendan’s old mate, the late RICHIE PICKETT. The song, ‘HONKY TONK HEROES’, tells of all the passed loved big country stars jamming in heaven and was re-mastered and recently released on the Kiwi Country TV - Compilation ‘Best Kept Kiwi Secrets’. With a career spanning 50 years. Brendan can still pack a club and theatre with full houses in New Zealand, but never has Brendan Dugan released a single into Australia until now. He hopes that Australian Country Music Fans will love what he has to offer.

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