Tough As Geranium  - Susan Lily

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Susan Lily

Tough As Geranium

from the Free Spirited album.

Participating in the 2015 Semaphore Songs Project extended SUSAN LILY as a songwriter. Mentored by John Baker of the Baker Suite, TOUGH AS GERANIUM was born.

Every place has its difficult times and Port Adelaide is no exception. It’s tenacious and tough, though, like the Geraniums that grow wild in the streets of the area. A child of the outback, SUSAN LILY has always loved this colourful flower and was delighted to discover them in the Port.

Produced by ANTHONY STEWART from Red Brick Music (THE SHERRAHS) this song features a soft and enticing rhythm, a taste of the sea, and years gone by. Nostalgia and contemporary life all mixed into a song you can dance to or simply kick back and enjoy.