Sealed With A Tear  - Mark Fitzsummons

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Mark Fitzsummons

Sealed With A Tear

from the Bitter Sweet album.

After connecting with Little Red Wagon studios to create his debut album, BITTER SWEET, MARK FITZSUMMONS has continued to receive airplay around the world through digital and independent country radio. Mark has enjoyed chart success with a number of songs reaching the Top 40, including having a No:1 Holiday hit in 2017. Mark has also been recognized as a songwriter, including being voted in the Top 10 of Australian songwriters in the 2016 ASA awards.

The concept for the album, BITTER SWEET, was to create a real life. One not content to survive in a safe haven of grey but filled with darkness and light, happiness and tears. SEALED WITH A TEAR is the perfect swan song for the album as Mark moves towards the development of new music, a new sound, and a fresh start.