So Far From The Truth - Tony Lee

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Tony Lee

So Far From The Truth

from the So Far From The Truth album.

Alt Country Rock artist TONY LEE offers up his first single from the album of the same name, SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH. Rock pop meets bluegrass smash to bring this upbeat honest first single forth from what promises to be a great new album. Tony has refined his sound adding more country arrangement and foot stomping rock to his repertoire. Tony says… “When I released my last album, ROAD LESS TRAVELLED, I didn't include my sister Sam in the acknowledgements. This inevitably led to some hurt feelings. There followed a few weeks of angst that eventually got sorted out”. So this song is the result of the two siblings who love each other very much but were both annoyed at each other and reflects the helplessness you can feel when you don't know how to fix things.