Best Part Of The World - Steve Cheers

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Steve Cheers

Best Part Of The World

from the The Measure Of A Man album.

BEST PART OF THE WORLD is the second single lifted from Steve’s acclaimed new album.

“We live in the most wonderful and beautiful natural environments. We are admired by so many as a fortunate, peace loving nation. And as a people at our best, there are few more generous, accepting and good humoured. So, if that’s what you take from this song, then that’s great. But really what I had in mind is a little deeper than that. I try hard to be positive in life and to share that with those around me. Bad stuff happens, of course it does, but how we react to it is more within our control than we realise. Everything we need to be happy and fulfilled, especially in this lucky country, is found within. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves and each other to look for it.”

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