I’ll Give To You My Heart - Michelle Russell

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Michelle Russell

I’ll Give To You My Heart

from the Your Restless Heart album.

From the Far South Coast of Bega NSW, MICHELLE RUSSELL has just released her debut album, YOUR RESTLESS HEART, which she had so much fun recording at LBS Music and writing songs with SHAZA LEIGH. I’LL GIVE TO YOU MY HEART was written by the wonderful songwriter, SHAZA LEIGH, and Michelle has chosen this beautiful song as her second single release from her album.

Michelle had great success with her last single release, YOUR RESTLESS HEART, on the international charts and hopes to spend some time travelling and sharing her passion for singing.

She has won many awards on the talent quest scene including Female Country Entertainer for the Monaro District in 2015 and is looking forward to returning to the Tamworth Country Music Festival for the launch of her album.