I Hear Everything - James Stewart Keene

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James Stewart Keene

I Hear Everything

from the Charm Offensive album.

JAMES STEWART KEENE’s latest single is a stirring cover version of I HEAR EVERYTHING, first written and recorded by KELLY CORK. James first heard the song at Kelly's songwriter session in Tamworth. It caught his attention so much that he immediately resolved to cover the song and as a cut on the CHARM OFFENSIVE album.

I HEAR EVERYTHING was inspired by the story of a person suffering from a mental illness. Kelly’s cryptic lyrical style cleverly expresses the dark, mysterious world of a confused person suffering in silence. Despite the challenging nature of the topic, the song is uplifting and allows the listener to imagine the feelings of someone living a very different reality.

Produced by ROD MOTBEY, James' version of the song sees the tune get a major work over with an Eagles-like country rock feel. There's no doubt this catchy and inspirational track will truly hook you in.

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