Captain Kangaroo - Ruckus

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Captain Kangaroo

from the CD Single.

‘CAPTAIN KANGAROO’…We all know one….or more. You know the type, yep those people or friends who seem to be able to head out the door when it’s their turn to make their way to the bar for their shout. They religiously get away with it but we seem to love ‘em anyhow…or NOT!!!.

‘CAPTAIN KANGAROO’ is a slapstick, fun song about these people and it was very easy to write as they are everywhere and the RUCKUS gang had a wow of a time recording it and laughed a lot, as we hope you will!!!
The song has been getting a great reaction live and RUCKUS would like to thank their fans who make it all so worthwhile. RUCKUS are MICHAEL ABREY, BAZZA TIPLADY, EMMA RODDA, ROLAND KRETCHMAR and MARK FURPHY. ‘CAPTAIN KANGAROO’ is mixed and mastered by GAVIN PARKER.