Calvary - Ann Penman

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Ann Penman


from the High Price Of Love album.

ANN PENMAN has had a life-long passion to sing and is finally realising that dream. Ann escaped an abusive early marriage, bearing four children; her second husband fell ill early in their marriage; she nursed her Mother with kidney disease and her Father into old age. She then endured the sudden death of her Daughter followed by her husband.

One day the Nurses enquired 'You've looked after sick people most of your life, what is the one thing you would like to do?' Ann replied, 'I want to sing!' When asked 'Can you sing?', Ann said 'I don’t know but I want to try!'

Starting with Musters and charity shows, meeting songwriter BILL MURRAY whose songs reflected her emotions, resulted in her recording 'The High Price of Love' with LBS MUSIC.