Water - Sharon Benjamin

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Sharon Benjamin


from the Australia Calling album.

SHARON BENJAMIN’S current album, AUSTRALIA CALLING, is a loving ode to the country music that has both reflected and underpinned the character of this land. One of the major defining features of life in this country is the ever-recurring hardship of drought, and a timeless subject for country music is the hardship of holding together our relationships and our self-worth. Her latest single release, WATER, is an early James Blundell track from the 1990 album Hand It Down. It's a beautifully stripped back tale of a man's time in the wilderness, lost from loved ones and looking for solace in the bottom of a bottle - "I got to drinking late last night. And I got to thinking about my life". The story strikes a perfect balance between the pain of being lost for years from loved ones, and the suffering of living on the land and watching the horizon for years waiting for the life-saving water to fall from the skies. Like the end of a long hard struggle through drought, there's redemption in this story - "I can't help believing my luck might change. And when he comes he'll bring the rain."

The space in this song immediately evokes the space that is both a blessing and a curse of life in Australia. There's little more than a tremolo guitar and a tastefully spartan rhythm section. Nothing gets in the way of Sharon's voice driving through the middle of the arrangement, drawing you into the story with a voice of beauty and authority. It is a superb song that deserves a new audience, and one that is perfectly suited to Sharon's vocal talents.

CRS Redbak Recording Studios