Just A Number - Della Harris

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Della Harris

Just A Number

from the Della Harris album.

DELLA HARRIS is a singer-songwriter, wife and mother living in Melbourne but born in rural Victoria, telling real stories from her life that will resonate with anyone with a heart. Her first single, "JUST A NUMBER", deals with the perception and prejudice of ageism in an empowering yet whimsical way!

Della has performed solidly for many a year now in various bands/trios/duos. She has done many a party, function, wedding and event, including pubs and clubs, cruise ships to backyard BBQ's spanning Melbourne, Alice Springs, Hamilton Island, Bangkok, Gold Coast, Noosa, Tasmania and plenty of country towns in-between.

Through years and years of singing in various cover and tribute bands, an absolute burning desire to do her own material really started to surface over the past 5 years. "It has been quite an emotional journey finding my own voice after such a long time singing other people's stuff. I feel like I have lived a life now that I want to share with people. I know so many people relate to what I'm singing about and I want to share that experience with them. Yes, I've left it late but I'm here to prove that age should not, and will not be a barrier for me. I am still relevant and have so much to share.”

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