World Full Of Angels - Carter & Carter

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Carter & Carter

World Full Of Angels

from the Better Day album.

WORLD FULL OF ANGELS is CARTER & CARTER'S second release from their new BETTER DAY album following the inspiring hit single, STAND TALL. Another up-tempo track, with CARTER & CARTER’S signature melodies, harmonies and songwriting, it deals with life's rollercoaster of ups and downs and the feeling that that mountain ahead is just too much to climb. Sometimes we need an angel to help us through.

CARTER & CARTER (MERELYN & DAVID) know firsthand that life can be hard sometimes - surviving natural disasters, major car accidents, relationship breakdowns, major health issues, and even just the day to day business of life that can get us down. We often cry out for help and feel like we are all alone. And yet - sometimes it’s easy to miss the angel standing right in front of you.

They’re the person who is there for you when you are down, needing encouragement, practical help, a new perspective on life. The stranger that helps you when your car breaks down in the middle of the night, or sits with you in the emergency room when you are waiting for news. They might be a friend who remembers your birthday when no-one else has, or a family member who brings you a meal when you are sick. Maybe they help you find your car when you’ve forgotten where you have parked, or maybe they cry with you when you lose someone you love. We all have these angels if we open our eyes and our hearts to see them, and the greatest thing of all - is that you’re someone’s angel too.

CARTER & CARTER’S new album, BETTER DAY, is all about bringing people together to share their stories, build friendships and community. It's about sharing the good times and the hard times and knowing that you're never alone. CARTER & CARTER continue to make music that makes a difference.

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