Never Never Land  - Tom Curtain

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Tom Curtain

Never Never Land

from the Territory Time album.

A duet written with LUKE O’SHEA, NEVER NEVER LAND, is the first single from TOM CURTAIN’s highly anticipated new album, TERRITORY TIME, produced by GARTH PORTER and due out in November 2017.

The album comprises songs from Tom’s experiences of mustering cattle and breaking-in wild horses in the Northern Territory, capturing the true essence of life in the outback. TERRITORY TIME will be Tom’s third Country Music album, following former albums, SMACK BANG and HEATWAVE, both of which had resounding success nation-wide.

In recent years Tom has setup a tourist venture in Katherine, NT called ‘Katherine Outback Experience’ which has gone from strength to strength. The 90-minute show celebrates life in the outback through real horse-breaking and working dog demonstrations, entwined with live country music and humorous bush tales.

NEVER NEVER LAND captures the stunning yet unforgiving landscapes of northern Australia, the extreme weather and isolation, the unique way of life, the hardworking people and their ‘never give-up’ attitude.