8:03 to 8:30 (eight o three to eight three o) - Smiley Martin

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Smiley Martin

8:03 to 8:30 (eight o three to eight three o)

from the Change album.

DAVE (SMILEY) MARTIN’s easy listening music and emotive voice paint pictures of life in the country of the coastal east and the big city. The songs on the CHANGE album span the genres of roots/trad country, alternative country and gospel.

Lismore-born to hard-working parents, banana growers on the escarpment above Byron Bay, Smiley was on stage singing sweetly at 4 years of age. A friendly disposition and ready grin resulted in the enduring nick name “Smiley” and after singing and entertainment experience in Golden Guitar winner STEVE PASSFIELD’s band, his song writing skills were developed.

CHANGE is produced by CMAA Musician of the Year, COLIN WATSON and 8.03 to 8.30 harks back to simpler times when radio (not screens) provided great entertainment at home when the work was done

CRS Smiley Martin