Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone) - Sandra Yates

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Sandra Yates

Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)

from the Back Through The Years album.

SANDRA YATES, Tasmania born & bred, was brought up on Country Music, listening to Slim Dusty, Charley Pride, Johnny Cash and “Dad’s old 78 records”. She has sung extensively along the NW Coastal Country Music Assoc venues for charities, funerals, weddings, parties and nursing homes.

“I’ve seen music have a great influence on ill and dying patients and music has always been very emotive to me with particular songs allowing me to remember special times and people. Country Music has wonderful stories that I hopefully have been able to relay to an audience with heartfelt emotion”.

“This song is very special to me as it describes the epitome of love. Love is the greatest healer and without love we are that much poorer. There is no greater emotion than love and this song reminds me that if we have true love there is nothing we would not do for that one special person in our lives”.