You Must Not Quit - Shaza Leigh

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Shaza Leigh

You Must Not Quit

from the Golden Jubilee DVD album.

It's unquestionable that SHAZA LEIGH has well earned her title as 'AUSTRALIA'S FIRST LADY OF SONG' celebrating her GOLDEN JUBILEE. The DVD showcases her extraordinary career accomplishments as a Songwriter, Artist, Musician and Executive. 'The Songwriter' has over 220 original works released in Australia by different leading artists; 'The Artist' has released 13 studio albums plus 3 DVDs; 'The Musician' has played on over 1000 recording sessions, appearing on approximately 300 albums; 'The Executive' has built the LBS MUSIC GROUP with many services and divisions whilst her husband producer, LINDSAY BUTLER OAM, concentrated on recording over 170 albums for their LBS label. Shaza has a powerful, driven, methodical personality with a deep-seated love for life and laughter. Her enigmatic charm has captured the heart of many true and honest fans even though she's not been a 'Chosen One', she's living proof that through hard work and determination you can achieve your goals, against all odds, but YOU MUST NOT QUIT.

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