No Glue - Phoebe Jay

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Phoebe Jay

No Glue

from the Higher Than This Day EP.

After charting successes with her first two singles, 14 CENTS AT THE GATE and HIGHER THAN THIS DAY, young singer songwriter, PHOEBE JAY turns a bit more country with her third single, NO GLUE. This is a funny little song about breaking things. When you’re young you break a lot of things, accidentally of course! However, there is always someone there to pick up the pieces and fix everything for you. Whether it be with string, super-glue, duct-tape or replacing the broken object you know everything will work out fine in the end, but a broken heart is a different thing all together. When you are young you don’t realise just how deeply words and actions can cut and hurt the people around you. So, before you say those words in anger remember there is no glue for a broken heart. Peace Love Joy

CRS Phoebe Jay