You Ain’t Worth The Rain (2017) - Natalie Howard

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Natalie Howard

You Ain’t Worth The Rain (2017)

from the CD Single.

YOU AIN'T WORTH THE RAIN (2017) is a newly re-tracked/mixed/mastered and updated version for Australian radio - available iTunes worldwide. "I wanted to refresh the track, I felt this song deserved it. Even the best of relationships will endure struggles and become strained at times. But when the pendulum stops swinging and rests solely on the shoulders of the one person and the give and take stops being shared. And after enough tears have been shed, self-respect/worth kicks in and that's when the give from the one side gives out and they leave having learned they just deserve better. This is a heart song written for the ones who have loved and had to cut their losses and love them-self enough to move on, driven away to heal and find a reciprocated and worthy love partnering."- NATALIE HOWARD.