Lend A Hand - John O’Dea and Kevin Bennett

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John O’Dea and Kevin Bennett

Lend A Hand

from the Happy Days album.

LEND A HAND, a duet featuring KEVIN BENNETT, is the third single from JOHN O’DEA’s HAPPY DAYS album and follows the success of previous singles FISHING and LOST THE OLDIES.

A tribute to the tireless volunteers of our country, LEND A HAND, will strike a chord with all of the volunteers around Australia, without whom, the country would not function.

The outstanding production of STUIE FRENCH and the talents of MICHEL ROSE, CHRIS HAIGH, SCOTT HILLS, GARY STEELE, CAMILLE TE NAHU and KEVIN BENNETT highlight John’s ability to bring a story to life. HAPPY DAYS is an easy listening album rich with story songs along with a quirky tale or two to keep you guessing.