G’Day From WA - Brian Letton

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Brian Letton

G’Day From WA

from the Western Australia Is Calling Me Home album.

His professional career spanning almost 3 decades, BRIAN LETTON has cemented his position as one of the premier entertainers in the Australian Music industry. Combining non-stop touring, legions of fans and a long-lasting, successful recording history, BRIAN has accumulated many of Australia’s most prestigious music awards and accolades.

Released on his own label in January 2017, BRIAN’s latest album, WESTERN AUSTRALIA IS CALLING ME HOME, was inspired by his compassion for his home state of Western Australia. In a new phase of his expansive career BRIAN has independently produced this CD, hand-picked the musicians and the arrangements and presentation reflect his personal influence. All but 3 of the tracks are self-penned.

He first single is a catchy, toe-tapping singalong anthem, built around the age-old Western Australian slogan, “G’DAY FROM WA”.