The Saddle Up Song - The Farmer & Adele

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The Farmer & Adele

The Saddle Up Song

from the Into The Wide Open Sky album.

THE FARMER & ADELE grew up admiring classic country, jazz, the Tin Pan Alley songwriters. Their songwriting is uplifting, heroic and simple, but hearken back to the time of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. The band has completed an album featuring the legendary Country Western group, RIDERS IN THE SKY, titled INTO THE WIDE OPEN SKY. The album features a collection of country-western originals and covers. THE FARMER & ADELE sat down in Nashville, TN and had what is called a “music business meeting.” The music business people said, “FARMER & ADELE, you need to have a hit single!” So we looked at each other and decided it would be THE SADDLE UP SONG! The song is going to take you out into the wide open sky where you will hear the sounds of the tumbling tumble weeds, coyotes howling in the moonlight, and cowboys yodeling off in the distance.
THE SADDLE UP SONG is off the charts. COMPLETELY. On this track, you will hear the western sounds from legendary members of the RIDERS IN THE SKY: RANGER DOUG, TOO SLIM and WOODY PAUL. THE SADDLE UP SONG is such a hit that THE FARMER & ADELE, by popular request, have released the song in sheet music form! So y'all can gather around the ole piano, saddle up, and sing along with THE FARMER & ADELE! Yip!