Big White Volvo - Sharon Benjamin

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Sharon Benjamin

Big White Volvo

from the Australia Calling album.

Trucking songs are one of the staples of country music and have always resonated with Australian audiences because we recognise the sense of being transported through vast empty spaces, landscapes slowly evolving from endless flat plains to rugged mountains and sweeping coastlines. Most of us aren't truckies but we have taken long road trips and many of us have "pushed on through the night", passing great snaking lines of trucks and road trains aglow with lights against the dark landscape. We fantasise about the freedom and mateship that we imagine is a part of that life.

BIG WHITE VOLVO evokes precisely those sentiments, with the kind of driving back beat that is perfect for whittling down the long hours on the highway, and lyrics that bring to life a land that no long-distance driver could fall to recognise. The song, though, has a deeper meaning for SHARON. Back in her early performing days as a young country artist out of Narrandera, she would often perform charity concerts for Camp Quality with JIMMY WEBSTER. He told her how he had written this song on the road while travelling as a shearer. One night around a camp fire he sang it to BUDDY WILLIAMS who loved it so much he then went on to record it. As a tribute to Jimmy it was the perfect song to put on her latest album, AUSTRALIA CALLING, and a fine choice for her new single.

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