Livin’ The Dream - Rory Ellis

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Rory Ellis

Livin’ The Dream

from the One Skin album.

With his new album, ONE SKIN, about to be unleashed, RORY ELLIS is again set to push the boundaries and awaken the spirits of audiences.

LIVIN’ THE DREAM is the single that Ellis has selected, for release, from his eight albums, as a song country folk can relate to, especially those taking the challenging journey of swapping their concrete urban homes for life on a farm, as he did back in 2015. “It's about the things that go wrong and conversely the funny moments. It’s an idyllic and honest lifestyle. The song is about the associated hardships, pests, machinery breakdowns, and all the things that come with living in an old farmhouse and having that kind of lifestyle, all new to me. As a farmer, I make a great musician”.