Thank You - Gina Timms

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Gina Timms

Thank You

from the Thank You album.

Some artists stand on stage and sing songs. Others deliver. You can guess which category GINA TIMMS fits into. When GINA sings a great country song she’s lived every minute of it – the heartaches, the joys, the love … you can’t fake that.

It took the passing of her beloved father Roger in June 2016 to open the floodgates and she wrote eight of the 11 songs for the new album. Having not written many songs previously, it was as much a surprise to GINA as it was to others in the industry, who’ve been quick to praise her way with words. The album is dedicated to her dad. “Following the death of my beautiful father in June 2016, I wanted to write a song to say thank you to my Mum who cared for my Dad right to the end. Writing this song brought out so many emotions and took my heart to a place I never knew existed. In a way, it was a way to heal the ache in my heart. I miss him every day. My mum and dad’s life together was the most incredible love story”.

“THANK YOU, the title track from my new album, is a song filled with so much admiration and love. I am honoured to tell the world that this woman is my Mum”.

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