Airborne - Kalesti Butler

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Kalesti Butler


from the Airborne album.

KALESTI BUTLER’s current single, AIRBORNE, is the title track from her 2nd album, released at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January this year. While most will know KALESTI BUTLER, a 2011 CMAA Academy Of Country Music graduate for her bush ballads and traditional sound, over recent years Kalesti has wanted to explore the wider musical genre. Working with ROBERT MACKAY from Pacific International Music on her 2nd album, AIRBORNE, has only reinforced Kalesti’s decision to add to her musical range.

AIRBORNE is written by an American folk-rock singer songwriter Rain Perry. After listening to the song on the advice of her producer, Robert Mackay from Pacific International Music, Kalesti was in tears. An instant connection to the lyrics, knowing she would enjoy singing the song and making it her own.

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