Doing My Best To Make It Home Tonight - Graham Rodger

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Graham Rodger

Doing My Best To Make It Home Tonight

from the The Plains Of Nappi Merrie album.

This introductory single, DOING MY BEST TO MAKE IT HOME TONIGHT, tells us much about the quality of the tracks included in GRAHAM’s just released Album, THE PLAINS OF NAPPI MERRIE. It’s the kind of song that will have you “pumping down the highway”. While it’s the spirit of the song that first hits you, the power of the singing stays with you. In the artist’s own words, this track stood out to be the first song that provides the material to give the listener an insight into the Album. The title track of the Album, THE PLAINS OF NAPPI MERRIE, took out the National Song-Writing Contest of Australia in Tamworth 2017. What holds this Album together is the quality of the songs. A songwriter of GRAHAM’s class under full steam is something not to be missed, and this Album is turbo charged. What shines through is the artist’s inspirational, patriotic spirit.