The Highwayman - Fisk, Fisk & Howe

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Fisk, Fisk & Howe

The Highwayman

from the Bob Howe: Act Naturally album.

GENE BRADLEY FISK may not be a Highwayman, but he’s an outlaw none the less. Singer, broadcaster and father; his daughter DONNA FISK has sailed the musical seas and won the hearts of many an audience. The career of BOB HOWE has been entwined with them both over four decades as sometime guitarist and occasional record producer. Finally, they found themselves in the studio at the same time and this track is the happy result.

Perhaps the first multi-generational, mixed-gender version of JIMMY WEBB’s brilliant song, it was included as a bonus track on Bob’s latest album. Gene can currently be heard presenting OZ Country on Highlands FM 100.7 while Donna has just returned from a recording jaunt to Nashville with the exciting promise of new music on the horizon.