I’ve Got You - Seleen McAlister (Feat. Drew McAlister)

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Seleen McAlister (Feat. Drew McAlister)

I’ve Got You

from the Follow The Journey album.

I’VE GOT YOU, a heart-felt track penned by two of Australia's most prolific songwriters, DREW McALISTER and ALLAN CASWELL, and produced by SIMON JOHNSON at Hillbilly Hut, is a love song in every way, a true testament and declaration of love.

“I felt such a connection to this song when I heard it that I wanted to sing this song to my husband. There have been many times that we have felt it's us against the world and this song is so reflective of that.

To have Drew join me on this track was amazing especially because as he was a co-writer of the song and he is one of Australia's best male vocalists and also because he is one of my great mates”.

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