Bollywood Cowboy - Brewn

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Bollywood Cowboy

from the My Town album.

BOLLYWOOD COWBOY, specially re-masted for the MY TOWN album, is a song that could very well be the soundtrack for a Spaghetti Western starring Clint Eastwood, shot in Mumbai and directed by a crazed Japanese Manga guru…incredibly strange but creatively the song translates very smoothly with its clever lyrics and instantly catchy hooks. Essentially it deals with the concept that life quite often delivers unexpected circumstances and, by accepting and dealing with these, the outcome could turn out to be pleasant surprises. The 2015 MY TOWN Album edition has been re-masted by ROBERT MACKAY of Pacific International Music and JASON MILLHOUSE of Millhouse Productions. Bollywood Cowboy is now faster in tempo and more energetic in delivery, reflecting the band’s own brand of Country Rock.

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