A Little Cold Right Now  - Natalie Howard

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Natalie Howard

A Little Cold Right Now

from the Under {Love’s} Umbrella album.

A LITTLE COLD RIGHT NOW, one of the more traditional country tracks from NATALIE HOWARD's American IMA Country Album of the Year, UNDER {LOVE‘S) UMBRELLA, musically sits comfortably on the fence between Lee Ann Womack and Sheryl Crow, stylistically speaking. Somewhere in that middle space is Natalie. "This song came out of that limbo space in between being ready and wanting to open your heart again to love, yet being stuck where you are regardless, because it's just not time yet or too soon. You’re newly out of a relationship and still licking your wounds as well as still carrying a flame. So you’re putting yourself out there and trying. Everybody knows its rough going out after a split and feeling out of sorts. People approach you and your walls are still up.” - Natalie Howard.