Caterpillar Heart - Tony Smith

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Tony Smith

Caterpillar Heart

from the Stir The Embers album.

CATERPILLAR HEART is TONY SMITH’s second release off his forthcoming album, STIR THE EMBERS .

The song is about the unwavering strength shown in many forms around our great country, the ability to rise every day and keep going in the face of adversity . Without even knowing, some people are akin to the mighty Caterpillar machine that keeps going under tremendous load, doesn't bat an eyelid and comes back for more. It’s a tough row to hoe for most people this day and age but the CATERPILLAR HEART pushes through the dust and comes out the other side with the conviction that even if you didn't succeed, you gave it your best shot.

STIR THE EMBERS will be ready for release in late 2016, keep an ear out