Down The River - Jasper Shelton Hollis

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Jasper Shelton Hollis

Down The River

from the Jasper Shelton Hollis EP.

DOWN THE RIVER concludes Jasper’s 3 track self-titled EP in true southern fashion by heading down the mighty Mississippi River with his Jole Blon. It’s an adventure song weaving together howling guitar riffs with pronounced rocky grooves and swampy verses with a clever chorus. From beginning to end, there’s a sense of motion which is masterfully amplified by 2 roaring solos, backing vocals by GRETTA ZILLER and a romantic fiddle fade away.

According to JSH, DOWN THE RIVER was the hardest to write. We could only chip away at it, whereas TRYING TO PRAY and THE DEVIL’S GARDEN came more naturally. Sincerely, rhyming Toulouse which is a nod to New Orleans with Billets-doux (Love Letters) proved difficult yet essential. It all came together beautifully though, and there’s a whole lot more downstream!”