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Shane Board


from the CD Single.

SHANE BOARD raises funds for medical research into finding a cure for Diabetes through music and events. He himself was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age just ten and rather than let it get him down he turned a negative into a positive and decided he wanted to help make a difference to the future.

The rest is history and last year he was Honoured as a British Citizen at Westminster Palace in London UK..for his commitment and dedication to helping make better the lives of other people and raising awareness of the reality of living with Diabetes. He is now on a roll of honour with letters after his name and of course a medal to treasure forever. Not long after he was asked to be the ambassador and voice for British citizens and for that he is very proud.

Shane hopes his new venture as a country artist will be a big success and that he will raise a good amount for his cause. All proceeds from sales will go to fund Diabetes Research. We really hope Australia likes him

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